Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Training Plan Changes

I've made some winter training plan changes - just tweaking mainly. I've been pleased with the plan so far.

See an image of the new plan to the left. I've posted it for download in Excel format at 2008 Winter Training Plan R2 in case anyone would like to use it as a template or modify it as you see fit.

So what changed?
  • I've corrected an error in the week numbers.
  • In weeks 7, 8, and 9 I've thrown in a 20-minute interval at L4 between two sets of 4 x 15 second sprint intervals. (most of my TTs are 20-min length)
  • I changed all Wednesday 2hr L2 workouts to 1.5 hours of L3 (I'm convinced the benefit is the same or more and it saves time).
  • I changed all Monday 1hr L1 workouts to 45min at L2 (same reason as above). If I feel that I really need the recovery day, I'll just take the day off.
  • In weeks 10-13 I've moved my FTP tests to Thursday and included a FTP test every week instead of every other week.
  • I updated some of the TSS numbers for Peach Peloton rides to be more realistic. I was assuming 225 to 250 TSS for those rides and I've routinely generated over 300 TSS.
  • I added the Pine Mt. Challenge
  • I added the Race Around Macon
  • I added the Tundra Time Trial.