Saturday, December 17, 2005

Trying all sorts of new approaches

My first triathlon was in college -- at Auburn in 1991. I raced the Wet-n-Wild Triathlon at Chewacla State Park that year and the following year after I'd graduated and had taken a job in Atlanta. I lost interest until about 10 years later. I've now been training and racing sprints and olympic tris for four years. I've done the Rock 'n Roll-man half ironman race in Macon, GA for two years also.

But even though I've only failed once in four years to better my prior time at any race, I find myself plateauing in skill and waning in enthusiasm. So I've developed a plan to remedy the situation. I've had some metabolic testing done, hired a coach (Tony), and purchased a computrainer to better get ready for the coming season. I'm also determined to learn to run using the Pose Method (running on the balls of my feet instead of being a heel-striker).

Since I'm new to blogging, I'm not sure if anyone else but me will ever read what I'm typing here, but if nothing else, it will provide me with a way to document what I'm doing and sort of think through the process. If anyone reads this stuff that would just be an unexpected bonus.

My next few blogs will discuss 1. my metabolic testing procedures and results (I have found -- and am still finding -- the process to be very interesting), 2. my new coach and his methods, 3. the computrainer that I just purchased, and 4. my experiences with the pose method of running.
If I'm capable of getting any better without drastically increasing my training time, I'm determined to make it happen this year.