Thursday, December 22, 2005

Body weight, fat %, muscle gain

I've been lifting (upper body mostly) with Jontae', a co-worker, for about 18 months now -- only twice a week though. An sometimes we miss a day, so we probably only average about 6 times a month. It doesn't seem like all that much, but it's made a huge difference from a strength standpoint. We've both made big gains in bench press max and the number of dips we can do, etc.

But I think I've plateaued now, and that's ok, because I don't want too much extra weight to carry up the hills on the bike anyway. Tony, my trainer, measured my body fat the other day and said it was at 10.4%. He told me he thought that was about right for my level of training, but that he would prefer that I not drop any more weight (I weigh 151 lbs now).

When I first started training for triathlon in May 2002, I weighed 158 lbs. Within about 8 weeks, I had dropped 10 lbs to 148 lbs -- a major change, and I think almost all of the lost weight was fat. I eventually bottomed out at about 146 lbs during the height of the first season and for a little while in 2003. But when I started lifting in 2004, I began to put some weight back on. Although a little of it might be fat (I can't push Betty Jean's pie away), most is muscle weight. So I figure I've dropped 10 or 11 pounds of fat (that's a very large amount when you think of it as 44 sticks of butter) and added about 4 pounds of muscle. Of the muscle gain, it's probably split between my upper and lower body.