Saturday, December 24, 2005

Frost Run

8am Saturday morning, Christmas Eve, 22 degrees. Jamie asked me last night if I'd be interested in running this morning with David and him. I agreed, and wondered earlier this morning if I'd made the right call. It was rough leaving the heater and the new Nine-inch nails song in my Jeep.

But after the first 1/2 mile, I warmed up quickly and was very glad I'd been 'led' on a Christmas-Eve run. I ran about 10 miles with Jamie and David, and they continued for three or four more. I figured since I'd only done one long run lately, and it was only 8 miles, I'd better work my way up the mileage chart with care. I was glad to hear that both of them are considering racing the Rock 'n Rollman half iron in June.

About 25% of the time, mainly on uphill grades, I ran using the Pose method. The rest of the time I ran heel-strike. It's the first heel-strike running I've done in about 2 weeks. And although it did feel somewhat more comfortable than Pose, it had a distintly clog-footed feeling that I hadn't noticed before experimenting with Pose. Maybe I'm making progress?