Thursday, April 01, 2010


Things are strange in Macon - seem backwards and upside down,
not sure what to make of it all - let's take a look around:

Todd says he wants three more kits - John says to make his smalls.
Robert's giving up road races - only crits from here till fall.

Jeff and Drew are halving a Power Tap - need numbers for their new blogs,
Bill's gotten back to just swimming - he's got no more bones for the dogs.

Jakey's lettin his legs grow out - to fit in better with Freds?
Douggie's into the doobie hard - to market the old rich heads.

Chad's given up on that Apple crap - thinks PCs are the Bomb!
Ron cries himself to sleep every night - learning Campy's moving to Guam.

Trey's back up to 15 a week - he's built up a cast-iron taint,
Eddie's Georgia Cup only now - if you're racin the classics, he aint.

Happy April Fools day, Blackshirts.