Saturday, November 28, 2009

Walthall Oil Kits

2010 Walthall Oil Cycling kits. Thanks to a great group of sponsors and to Kristy for help with design.


Anthony said...

Hi, what a awesome team kit you guys have. I'm a masters Cat 1 road rider down here in Melbourne Australia - would there be any chance of ordering a large in both a jersey and bib-shorts please? happy to pay via paypal or whatever is convenient ? It's coming up to our road (winter) season here and it would be great to fly your colors down under can update you on my progress. anyways - cheers for now. Thanks 4 letting me drop by .......

Robert Jordan said...

Thanks for the note - glad you like our kits - we're happy with the way they turned out as well. Unfortunately, we're a small team and only ordered kits enough for the dozen of us, so we don't have extras for sale. If we do a re-order, I'll try to hook you up.

Have a good winter season.