Friday, November 20, 2009

Chasing Neo

I did an FTP test today on the Cervelo - first of the season - and it hurt. I have a very aggressive position (CdA 0.217). My FTP on the TT bike was 96% of what I recently tested on my Tarmac, but my pacing was terrible (the first 5 minutes was 108% of road bike FTP - my PT head unit was in my back pocket and I couldn't see it). My threshold heartrate - last 20 min ave - was exactly the same as on my Tarmac, 162 bpm, so I know I was going just as hard (it hit 168 during my too-fast first 5 min, though).

But that was 'bout what I expected. Good pacing today might have yielded 98% of road bike FTP. I want 99% road bike FTP and CdA=0.210 by February. A new tri-spoke or deep rim front wheel with 20mm tubular running at 160 psi will probably lower my Crr to maybe 0.0045 also.

I'm going to keep my head unit out of sight so I can learn proper pacing based on perceived exertion. I won't have the PT to help me pace when I mount my Zipp disc aero daddy for the Tundra in Feb. But I think I will mount a Polar CS200 on the stem so I can use HR to prevent overcooking the start.

You'd better add an extra interval tomorrow Neo; I'm coming after you.