Thursday, December 04, 2008


Last night I finished the hardest workout I've ever done. Honestly. It wasn't complicated - just get on the computrainer and go as hard as I could for 45 minutes.

The cave result was a good one for me - 290 watts (4.34 w/kg), only about 22 watts lower than the number that big 'Hoppa stamped out down there a couple of weeks ago.

But the new level of suffering started me wondering - are the higher numbers due more to adaptive physiology or psycology? Have I become a stronger cyclist or a better sufferer? I guess in the end it doesn't matter how much of each has contributed, because racing requires plenty of both.

It's been plenty cold this week, at least by Georgia standards. So I'm throwing in a couple of zaps from the BBQ ride - when it was a little warmer. One of the reasons why we suffer on the trainer in the winter: