Wednesday, December 10, 2008

6789 SST

I 'invented' a new trainer FTP-build workout last night (boredom is the mother of many new workouts). I’ll call it 6789 STT. (SST is sweet spot training – 90% of FTP - not a new idea, but probably a pretty good one). It goes like this:

Begin riding at L2 effort. At 14 min, do 6 min of SST. At 23 min, do 7 minutes of SST. At 32 min, do 8 min of SST. And at 41min, do 9 min of SST. L2 effort between sets and for the last 10 minutes to make an hour-long workout.

Figure by Andy Coggan, PhD

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Anonymous said...

Carmichael had a workout like this in one of his free "Do the Tour..." sets a few years back. After a 10 minute warm up with a couple of high cadence spins he had you do 3 minutes at about 85% of FTP followed by a 1 minutes all out seated effort with 6 minutes of rest. The next rep had you do 4 minutes of 85%+1 all out then another rest interval. This was done for 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 minutes plus the one with 6 minutes of rest in between and a 10 minute final cool down for about 80 total minutes. I've found the workout to be a really good one either just riding the last minute at 85% earlier in the season or using it as hard effort to breakaway trainer a bit later.

The Physicist