Monday, March 03, 2008

Albany Georgia Cup Race Data

Bill leads the blue train in the Georgia Cup Albany Crit.

Power graphs with summary data for Albany:



Road Race


Kevin Koval said...

Robert - Great data, it looks like your races went well, what were your results? Coach Kevin

Robert Jordan said...

The team had a great weekend, and my results were solid, but not exceptional - 11th in prologue, 17th in crit (teammate took 2nd in break), 13th in RR (teammate won in sprint). 11th GC. We won the team competition.

Smyrna Dave said...

Do you have any insight for a Cat 5 rider who plans to do Gainesville Road Race for the first time this weekend? What to look for or how the course is laid out? I know that there is a hill named Mabry (sp?) that is 8 - 9% grade and less than a mile. How have you played that in the past? I am in the 35+ comp race and still in winter shape, so this is more of a benchmark race to see where I need to focus my training more than anything else.

Any insight into the course is appreciated.

- Dave

Robert Jordan said...

Sorry - I didn't see your comment 'till after Gainesville. I guess you know all about the 'Mabry Wall' now. Contact me at if you have additional questions.