Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Shaking the Damn February Doldrums

I think I'm beginning to see a pattern.

Last winter, after my hardest (and smartest) ever winter training, I lost focus in February. I became muddy-headed and posted about being as good as I'd ever get in "As Good as it Gets". Well, I wasn't as good as I'd ever get. My FTP was 235w and my 5 sec power was 870w. A year later my FTP is 285w and my 5 sec sprint is around 1150w.

Well guess what - surprise, surprise! I feel exactly the same way this February. After the best winter training I've ever done, I've hit another mental roadblock for some reason. Physically, I'm fine, but I can't shake the feeling that I've plateaued for good and it's time to carry Jake's (or Drew's or Ron's, or fill in the blank with other teammate's name) water bottle for the next 10 years - and enjoy it. (Don't get the big head, fill in the blank, I'm out to kick your ass at Worlds after every GA Cup victory).

I'm beginning to expect that February just does that to me. The long organized weekend rides are over. The the racing season hasn't really gotten it's legs yet. Four months of daily trainer work will wear you down.

Obviously, one of these Februaries I'm going to be right. I'll work harder and harder and get no stronger. But not this one. I'll just wait it out and tack another 50 watts onto my FTP. Well, maybe not 50 watts, then I'd be racing in Belgium like the red-headed kid. But 10 or 12 watts should be a cinch, right?

Mr. Christian Parrett, 2008 USA U-23 National Team
Macon, Georgia

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xntrickly said...

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continued success.