Thursday, January 17, 2008

Le Plateau

My graph has hit a flat spot. The numbers climbed steadily for the first 6 weeks of base training, then leveled off.

I feel good and pretty fresh - definitely not overtrained. And since I've included more intense work into my training lately, my 60-min Normalized Power continues to rise (280w 60-min NP was the highest I hit in all of 2007). But my max wattage for 45-min on the Computrainer has plateaued.

Maybe the L5 intervals I'm doing now will bump up my VO2 max a little, 'raise my FTP ceiling,' and provide me with another FTP bump in a month or two -- we'll see. I think I remember the same thing happening last year, but there's not much data to verify it. I may do a 60-min road FTP session next week to see where the gold standard test puts me.