Monday, January 21, 2008

FTP update

I finally did a 60-min FTP effort -- below is the updated FTP chart. As it turns out, the best way for me to predict my FTP without actually doing a 60-min TT effort is with 60-min NP. I guess that's close to proof that Coggan's normalized power formula works extremely well (for me at least). I can also use 45-min computrainer x 1.13.

The crappy part is that I had to go back to December 11th and update my FTP in WKO. That knocked my CTL down about 3 points.

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Rich W said...

Let's see a screen shot of your wko graph from the FTP test...How did you pace it? An 80+ CTL is pretty good for this time of year, you'll be flying in March/April.