Monday, January 08, 2007

Ergomo repair/Performance Manager update

About a week ago, after a couple of very wet rides, I found that every time I plugged my Ergomo computer unit into my bike, it locked up. I suspected moisture problems, but the tech guy in Charlotte said they almost never have any moisture problems with the units. Anyway, I sent my computer unit to Charlotte, but they said it was fine, so I then sent my bottom bracket unit. I'm awaiting a reply.

In the mean time, I've been estimating my TSS based on prior rides, which has become pretty easy for me to do. An easy recovery ride has an IF of about 0.6, which give me 36 TTS per hour. A regular easy ride with my wife, IF=0.7, so 49 TSS per hour. A Macon Saturday ride, IF=0.85, so 72 TSS per hour.

Below are my latest performance manager charts. I'm already at a chronic training load equal to my peak of last year, which occurred in August. I hope that bodes well for this year. Either that or I'll just burn out early!

January 2005 through current (blue line is CTL, pink is ATL, and yellow is TSB):

Here's this season (started on November 1, 2006):