Wednesday, December 20, 2006

20-min FTP test

Several references I've seen say that a 20-minute time trial in training should give you the equivalent average power as a 1-hour time trial in competition. And a 1-hour competition TT, which is functional threshold power (FTP), should result in about 103% of the average power you'd see in a 1-hour training TT. I think yesterday I proved those relationships to be true.

My 1-hr, training TT average power on 12/2/06 was 231 watts, which yeilds a FTP of 231 x 1.03=238 watts.

Yesterday, 12/19/06, my 20-minute training TT average power was 240 watts. That's almost a perfect match, and it may be an exact match if I've increased my FTP by 2 watts in the past 2 weeks.

It's good to know that some of these calculations actually work.