Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Macon Cyclocross Race

I bought a Redline Conquest Pro cross bike last fall to use for winter dirt road training. We have a million miles of dirt roads in Jasper County. It's a size too big, but with a short stem it works quite well for winter training. But I havent' raced the bike until this past weekend in Macon.

The race was every bit as fun as I had been told to expect. The racing was crit-like intensity with a laid-back atmosphere. I loved it.

Here's a video Dan Coy made at the first barrier in the first lap in the CX4 race. I started at the back of the 63-rider group 'cause I had no idea what to expect and didn't want to pull a rookie move and create a big pile of 4s in the first turn. So I had to soft pedal a while while it thinned out. I think I was about 30 seconds back from the front group after half a lap! I come through in the video at about 23 seconds - notice my flawless form, particularly on the re-mount. I think that needs a little work, ya think?

Unfortunately my 2010 training schedule won't allow more of these this year, but I may have to shuffle things around to accomodate at least a short cross season next fall.