Monday, June 15, 2009

Macon Race Weekend

There's far too much to try and say in one blog at 8:30 on Monday morning about our Macon race weekend; so I'll let the words ease out over the next week or two. But I will say it was a tremendous success. Thanks so much to our volunteers for frying in the sun for two days to make it a great success. And thanks to our sponsors for their support of cycling.

Here are a few of the many great pics from the weekend:

Our new 55+ Crit State Champion

The Masters State Champs

Chad's rewarded for his 2nd state champ jersey in as many months.

My sister with her family watch their first bike race.
Security Bank riders called up for the Masters Crit

Drew with two of our fabulous podium girls.

My wife, Betty Jean, and I warm up for the Prologue.

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Grannie said...

Congratulations to Betty Jean for her first 1st place! Loved your photos and blog re the Macon race, and, as always, enjoy reading your comments. P. S. Both side of your brain are excellent! N & J