Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Too Aero - No Powero

I think I've overshot my optimization point. I've continued to lower the bars on my Cervelo over the past two years to get more aero. It's a process that takes time because your body has to adapt to the new position every time you change it.

I know the last change improved aerodynamics, because I proved that in coast-down testing last month. But my TT results have been sub-par lately. My road power has not suffered -- if anything, it's higher than a year ago. I suspect my TT problems are due to a loss of power related to my more aggressive position and more acute hip angle. I have the tools to test on the computrainer in various TT positions to check the theory, but it's tedious, painful, and 'trainer season' is over for me. So I think I'll start by flipping my 10-degree Thomson stem to the 'up' position to raise my bars a couple of centimeters and see what happens.

I've been playing around with this stuff for a couple of years using trial and error and my 'poor man's wind tunnel.' I have definitely made progress, but I think it's time to visit the low-speed wind tunnel with Nathan O'Neill in North Carolina this winter to take my positioning to the next level.