Monday, March 02, 2009

East German Training Plan

from Michael Barry of Comumbia:

"..... The Germans are known in the peloton for their work ethic. Never scared to sit on their bikes for half a day, tapping out intervals, and pedaling on the prescribed work load they have both logged thousands of kilometers in the last month riding for more hours than many people work at their office desk.

The East German system they grew up in has hardened them in a way that is foreign to the majority of the peloton. Grabsch confirmed a story that the former East German coaches demanded they ride hometrainers, in front of a brick wall without music or entertainment, for four or more hours, to toughen them mentally. "

And I thought two hours on a trainer with an iPod was boring.

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Colin Griffiths said...

I can stare at black tarmac for 3 hours on a dark winter night's cycling through the lanes. Does that count?