Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tour Average Speeds

Scientific American, August 2008
There are lots of ways to interpret this graph - throw out your two cents to the right. (The consensus was that there are too many variables for the chart to show a meaningful trend.)


Anonymous said...

I think that doping was very widespread in the old days, and riders were even open about it. It was a level playing field, but it was very dangerous.

Today I'm sure there are those doing it but staying one step ahead of the doping controls. I get suspicious of the big-name teams. Their sponsors pay lots of money to win, and I could see them paying lots of money to not get caught doping.

When it comes down to it I like the efforts being made to clean up the sport. However, I hate the extreme media/sponsor response when someone is caught and how it's all blamed on the rider when the team and sponsor's mentality have plenty to do with it as well.

xntrickly said...

How do we contact you concerning your blog? The photos analyzing TT positions from last year do not load and it'd be great to see those again.


Robert Jordan said...

You can e-mail me at robert@jordan-eng.com. I'll take a look to see what the problem is with the TT pictures.