Thursday, July 24, 2008

Category 4 Racing and Training Normalized Power

Back in 2004 and 2005 I was racing exclusively triathlons. At that time I didn't know what a watt was, but I wondered how difficult a Cat 5 road race or crit would be. When I started dabbling in Cat 5 races, I wondered how difficult Cat 4 races would be, etc.

I don't have a straight answer, but the following graph provides more data than I ever found back when I was looking for information.

As you can see, I was dropped from three races this year. The first Gainesville crit was very hard, a hard effort and a dirt road dropped me in Perry, and the huge effort on the climbs in Rome was more than I could do. Most of the crits were 30 minutes, the road races were mostly about 45-65 miles, and the Worlds numbers reflect 90-min to 2-hr Tuesday training rides ignoring the first 15 minutes. Ignore the x-axis. I couldn't get it to work right.


jtheskier said...

cool plot, i like to compare my norm power from race to race as well. i'd say my cat4 races here in new england are roughly in that same general range.

i'd be interested to see a bunch of mean maximal normalized power curves for different races plotted on the same chart. i don't feel like avg. norm. power does the road races much justice. that way you could capture crunch times when selection is made. just my two cents.

Trey Gavin said...

I like the chart... It would be equally interesting to see all the data on the same time scale. If the crit is 30 minutes and is the shortest time of all the race types, I would like to see your 30 min NP plotted for all the races and cross reference that to where you dropped.

Like the other guys said... normalized power for a RR just does not compare to other duration efforts very well... the data does not mean much...