Friday, June 22, 2007

Raw power charts

A few folks have inquired about seeing some raw power data, so I've thrown in some charts from the past week.

This first one is from the Savannah Georgia Cup crit last Saturday. It's obvious that it's a crit because of the consistent power spikes required to accelerate out of each corner (there were only two corners on the half-moon shaped course). To prepare for a race like this, doing about forty 10-second intervals at 600-700 watts with 200-watt, 30-second recovery would be about right. I rode at the back a lot and the yo-yo effect makes the cornering 'intervals' even more distinct than they would have been up front.

These two power charts are from yesterday's Macon ride. Keith rolled off the front (he might have just planned a short jaunt) and I went up to join him and turn it into a 35-minute suicide mission. It was a futile effort, but great training. The first chart is with no data smoothing and the second is with smoothing (30-sec running average, I think). The horizontal line is my functional threshold power (FTP) of 268 watts. My normalized power for the effort was 289 watts, so I think it's time for me to test FTP again.