Thursday, February 01, 2007

Rotor Q-rings and 165 cadence

If you've read my recent posts, you know I tried Rotor Q-rings for a few weeks, found that they didn't significantly increase my power output, and went back to my circular rings. That finding was sort of expected. However, yesterday during a computrainer session, I noticed something unexpected. It seemed like it was a lot easier to hold a high cadence that it used to be.

I haven't done much high cadence work lately, but a while back I determined that at low wattage (150 watts or so), I could easily hold 120 rpm for a minute or more and could peak in the high 130's without any really crazy rocking in the saddle.

Yesterday, I found that at the same wattage, I could hold 135 or 140 rpm for an extended period without extreme difficulty and I actually peaked at 165 rpm for a few seconds! Is this ease of spinning somehow related to my few weeks riding with elliptical rings? I don't know. Does it have any significant meaning? I don't know. Is it interesting? Yes.

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xntrickly said...

Fantastic blog and a source of considerable information and I thank you for that. Have you gone back to the Qrings?? I ask because I am contemplating changing my reference point from a 4 to a 5 as I am pretty aggressive in my position (similar to Zabriske) and want to maximize my position/wattage.

best regards,

Les Akins